Batman Arkham Knight Batman Version ArtFX+ Statue


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"This Arkham Knight Batman is like a kick to the face of your collection! Batman captured in mid-action! Modular buildable background for customizing display! The Caped Crusader is ready to knock some heads in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game! The Batman Arkham Knight Batman Version ArtFX+ Statue is featured in his armored costume as seen in the game and is fully detailed as he measures 10-inches long. The 1:10 scale statue captures the Dark Knight mid-leap as he flies through the air in a dynamic pose that's sure to catch any collector's eye! Every detail from his armor down to the heavy plating, segmented joints, tread on his boots, weight of his cape and not to be forgotten, his traditional scowl under his pointed cowl. The Batman Arkham Knight Version ArtFX+ Statue also features a modular base system that lets you customize your display with a wide range of options. Display Batman breaking through a wall, vaulting over rubber, or in the middle of delivering a flying side kick. With multiple square and rectangular pieces plus a broken window, metal grate, and joint parts, this set is all about building your own diorama base. You can craft your own unique display by combining Batman's architectural elements with those of his arch-rival the Arkham Knight (sold separately) and show off the 2 fighting in a rich and complex Gotham City Environment! Lastly, as a special bonus every bullet hole in the walls of the diorama is approximately 4 mm in diameter so it can also display Frame Arms model kits or Modeling support goods (sold separately). Ages 14 and up."