DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Mini-Figures 5-Pack Wave 2 Set


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"The DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Metal Mini-Figures line brings you all the best heroes and villains across the DC Comics and movie universe reminiscent of classic metal miniature figures! Each extremely detailed Nano Metalfigs figure stands about 1 2/3-inches tall and is made of 100% die-cast metal. Be on the lookout for exclusive figures only found in these 2-packs. The 2A 5-pack includes Black Canary and Riddler New 52 figures, while the 2B 5-pack includes the Lobo comic figure. The DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Metal Mini-Figures 5-Pack Set contains 2 individually packaged 5-packs of die-cast metal mini-figures: 1x Pack 2A: Batman (New 52), Batgirl (New 52), Catwoman (New 52), Black Canary (comic), and Riddler (New 52) 1x Pack 2B: Batman (1980's comic), Bizarro (comic), Darkseid (comic), Brainiac (New 52), and Lobo (comic) (subject to change)"