Marvel Legends Arnim Zola & Supreme Captain America Figures


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"Dominate the world! Exclusive Supreme Leader Captain America and Arnim Zola 2-pack! 6-inch comic-inspired action figures for your Marvel Legends collection. They feature premium articulation and detailing and character-inspired accessories. Featuring comic-inspired design, premium articulation and detailing, and character-inspired accessories, this terrific Marvel Legends Arnim Zola and Supreme Captain America 6-Inch Action Figures - Exclusive is really something! The 6-inch Supreme Leader Captain America and Arnim Zola figures are highly articulated, and with the comic design they're truly worthy additions to the Marvel Legends Series and your legendary collection. Ages 4 and up. A clandestine ally of Hydra, Supreme Leader Captain America reveals his true allegiances and joins forces with Arnim Zola to bring Hydra to a position of dominant world power!"