My Little Pony 360 Rarity's Canterlot Boutique Playset


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"Excitement abounds as The Mane 6 prepare for the Grand Galloping Gala in style! This 360 Rarity's Canterlot Boutique playset highlights an all new sliding quick-change feature to help Rarity change outfits quickly. The slider moves forward and back to put the different outfits on, off, and then on again! The Spring 2017 playset comes with a 3-inch Rarity pony figure, 3 clip-on outfits, 4 accessories, and is compatible with the fashion ponies (outfit + pony figures) featured in assortment B8810 and all 3 Inch Pony figures in a standard pose (standing on all 4 hooves) accross the line. Ages 3 and up."