My Little Pony Friendship Festival Duos Mini-Figures


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"Come one, come all, to the Friendship Festival! Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, this collection pack comes with 12 pony figures to play out imagined adventures in Equestria as these friends get ready to attend the big celebration. The Mane 6 shine at the party with glitter on their pony legs! Imagine the fun these pony pals could have at the Friendship Festival! Imagine scenes inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie and pretend these pony figure pairs are having lots of fun at the Friendship Festival: Applejack and Big McIntosh; Fluttershy and DJ Pon-3; Spitfire and Rainbow Dash; Rarity and Miss Pommel; My Little Pony Muffins and Princess Twilight Sparkle; and Pinkie Pie and Maude Rock Pie. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack always help each other out and love to spend time together. In My Little Pony: The Movie, these pony friends go on an adventure to save Equestria. They have big lessons to learn in order to save their home, but the power of friendship will prevail over any challenges they face! Includes 12 pony figures."