Spider-Man Marvel Nano Metalfigs Mini-Figure 5-Pack Set


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"Here comes all of your favorite allies and enemies of your favorite Web-Slinger as detailed metal mini-figures! Each 5-pack comes packaged in a window box. Set A contains 2 Nano Metalfigs that can only be found in this 5-pack: The Lizard and Hobgoblin. Set B includes 2 exclusive figures: Anti-Venom and Agent Venom. The Spider-Man Marvel Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Mini-Figure Set contains 2 individually packaged 5-packs and contains the following: 1x Set A: Kid Arachnid, Proto Suit Spider-Man, The Lizard, Spider-Girl, and Hobgoblin 1x Set B: Spider-Man 2099, Stealth Spider-Man, Anti-Venom, Venom, and Agent Venom (subject to change)"