Star Wars TFA 12-Inch Droid Action Figures 3-Pack Exclusive


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"Exclusive droid 3-pack! Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, Stormtroopers, X-Wings, Star Destroyers, AT-AT Walkers, droids, Wookiees, Rebel heroes, and more! Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away with this exclusive droid pack featuring a BB-8, Special Edition C-3PO, and a Special Edition RO-4LO from Star Wars: The Force Awakens ! Hold on for hyperdrive action with BB-8, the loyal, spherical astromech droid of the Resistance! Preserve your fleets with RO-4LO, one of the upgraded astromech droids maintained by the Resistance to keep X-Wing starfighters in top operational shape! Power up with C-3PO, the fastidious, worry-prone protocol droid who longs for peaceful times yet finds himself at the front lines of galactic conflict in service to Princess Leia Organa. This exclusive droid 3-Pack lets you re-imagine all of the excitement of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as you battle alongside 3.75-inch droids BB-8, Special Edition C-3PO, and Special Edition RO-4LO! Re-create the most exciting moments of adventure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with this exclusive droid pack, and collect all of the action from the Star Wars saga with this and other exciting toys from Hasbro Star Wars. May the Force be with you!"